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An all Australian Digital Cash System that operates a membership based, Barter-Trade-Exchange to eliminate the high fees charged by the centralised legacy Barter Co’s, Banks, Visa card, PayPal etc. 

With the world’s first Dual-State barter and cryptocurrency economic model that has now been released in Australia, Barteos will also be suitable to be used for the trading of Goods & Services as a stable trading dollar, referred to as a “Trade Dollar” ( ticker: BTE-AUD ). The Trade Dollar is pegged to the Australian Dollar and is a Stable-State digital currency for the trading of goods and services.

Barteos ( ticker: BTE ) is “on-the-other-side-of-the-coin” similar in nature to Bitcoin, designed as a transnational universal digital currency and like Bitcoin it started as a “penny stock”, that will grow in value as each merchant joins the eco-trading-system prior to listing on an open exchange.


The Barteos Mission in Australia is to establish an ownerless fee-free platform that gives the Business community and the People of Australia an alternative payment system as we enter into a new era of a cashless society. The Barteos Creed is the foundation of our beliefs.

Barteos Australia Merchants have the opportunity to accept Barteos as a form of payment from their customers, which can assist small business owners to increase their customer base and build more profitability. 

Although Barteos is ownerless like Bitcoin, it is governed by BE PAY AUSTRALIA LIMITED (Be-Pay) to be compliant with Australian law. Be-Pay is not owned by shareholders like other Payment systems, as there are no shareholders in Be-Pay and is a not-for-profit community organisation.

BE-PAY has been established as a community-driven fintech initiative to digitise, stabilise and even grow the value of the Australian Dollar, stimulate economic activity, cut financial costs for business and offer instant money clearance of local or international exchange.

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