Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand what Barteos is and how it works


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Currently, you are NOT able to cash out your Barteos (BTE) for AUD until we list in an open exchange. As soon as we have 20,000 Business Members in Australia, Barteos will list its universal exchange coin (BTE) in open market financial exchanges to give your Trade Dollars an avenue to be exchanged for other digital currency.

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Barteos is ownerless and a non-profit community benefit organisation. However, BE PAY Australia Limited is the governing body for Barteos in Australia which makes profit through selling VIP Be-Club Memberships.

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As a minimum we require businesses to accept 50% Barteos. However, this is a personal choice and should you decide to accept more than 50%, it should be based on your current business capacity.

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The ATO does not treat Barteos as money. For Australian tax purposes, Barteos is property, like gold. It’s intangible however, like shares or units in a trust. This means that the tax effect of holding or using it will depend on how you use it, and whether you’re in business.

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Trade Dollars act just like cash and for that matter are pegged to the value of regular currency. One Australian Dollar = One Barteos Trade Dollar.

Trade Dollars are a unique form of currency that give your business buying power. As a not-for-profit, community-benefit organisation, Barteos Australia provides this system with no monthly account-keeping fees, no percentage fees for transactions and only one cent transaction fee for the buyer.

Your Trade Dollars never expire and should never lose value or buying power.

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Barteos is a Fee-Free Digital Cash System that operates a Barter-Trade-Exchange for businesses and consumers in Australia to trade goods & services.

This means that businesses can accept ‘Barteos’ Trade Dollars (Digital Currency) as a form of payment for providing their Goods/ Services.
Similarly, consumers can trade and spend their ‘Barteos’ by purchasing goods & services from participating businesses in the Barteos network.

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