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Published – October 31 2023- Facebook

Dear Valued Barteos Followers,
We are thrilled to announce some game-changing updates as we prepare for a phenomenal 2024! Our dedication to serving you better and adapting to the dynamic world has inspired us to make major improvements to our pilot model and products over the past year.
🔹 NEW AND IMPROVED SALES MODEL: We have reinvented our sales model from the ground up. No more outdated hierarchies like Country Agents, State Agents, and Regional Agents. We are launching a new and innovative Ambassador Sales model, based on a bottom-up leadership model that can scale globally in no time!
🔹 BARTER BROKING SERVICES: Ambassadors will focus their efforts on ‘Barter Broking’ services, generating value and local economic activity. Our vision is to become the most professional, ownerless and decentralised barter organisation in the world, with unbeatable, low 1-cent transaction fees and bulletproof security.
🔹 FRESH AND MODERN MARKETING CHANGES: We are updating our marketing materials and website to reflect our core “Barter Network Club” services for 2024, highlighting the advantages of choosing Barteos over other Business Network Clubs and Trade Exchanges. Stay tuned!
🔹 AMAZING NEW LOYALTY SYSTEM LIVE: The existing Barteos Loyalty System has evolved to complement and work with the fiat sales market. This means that any aud sale will be able to earn Barteos Trade Dollars as a mainstream Loyalty and Rewards system like Flybys. Not limited to Barteos-only sales, this Loyalty System is live right now and is set to disrupt the business sector.
🔹 NEW DEDICATED MERCHANT SMARTPHONE WALLET: All Merchant Be-Club Memberships now come with a dedicated POS Wallet for easy buy and sell with Rewards Voucher redemption.
🔹 EXPANDED PRODUCT PORTFOLIO: Keep an eye out for a broader range of products and services in 2024, offering businesses more options and revenue opportunities.
🔹 BARTEOS CAFÉ SHOPS: We are embarking on establishing Barteos Café Shops with a unique model that gives us a competitive advantage. Find out how you can join us in creating social meeting spaces with café branches, where business meetings can be done over a delicious cup of coffee and establish a low-risk, six-figures to complement your existing income, the Barteos Way!
Don’t miss out on more updates coming soon and an awesome 2024!

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