Building a Better World

Barteos Global LLC is a Fintech organisation that builds intelligent products and services powered by De-centralised  Autonomous Systems; and as a result of its best in class technology, is able to operate a peer-to-peer, “fee-free”, Trade & Rewards System for alternative payments.

At Barteos, we believe a better world is possible — and to build it, local people and local communities need to be in the driver’s seat of change supporting their local area Ambassadors.

Whether your job is accounting, sales, marketing, customer service or IT, at Barteos, you will be united and ignited by supporting changemakers in every corner of our globe within this decade of major historical change.

Although our workforce is global and decentralised, Barteos wants to be named as a top workplace and knows the strength of the word ‘team’ that will become our greatest strength. We value work-life balance and cultivate opportunities for everyone to learn and grow. Diversity and inclusion are a focul point to advance the value of our Barteos Platform.

As an ownerless, community-benefit platform, we see self sovereignty and compliance working hand-in-hand, as a central part of our mission and critical to earning our government and users’ trust. 

Our strong belief to protect our financial human right is our foundation to attract people with purpose and passion in their work and this is well underway at Barteos Global.

We invite you to join us in our Quest – the Ownerless, Decentralised Way – making our Vision of a better interconnected world – a reality.

Explore open positions and opportunities below and submit your CV to:


1. Executive Assitant to Sales Director;
2. Marketing Assistant Satoshai Smart Watches;
5. Flutter Developer;
6. Ai Developer.


Territory Ambassadors – Appointing Globally 1st July 2024.

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