A Message From Our Board

Barteos Australia is a non-profit Fintech organisation that builds intelligent products and services powered by De-centralised  Autonomous Systems; and as a result of its best in class  technology, is able to operate a “fee-free” Barter Trade Exchange with Consumer Rewards.

Barteos is fully committed to operating its organisation in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and regulatory guidance and leading the way into a Digital Cash society that also maintains the sovereign rights of every Australian individual. 

This commitment includes fighting financial crime and ensuring that our products and services are not misused for purposes of fraud, corruption, money laundering, or terrorism. We will not provide any product or service to any persons (natural and legal) targeted or connected to sanctions as long as it does not contravene our financial human rights as outlined in the Barteos Creed.

As a community-benefit organisation, we see self sovereignty and compliance working hand-in-hand, as a central part of our mission and critical to earning our government and users’ trust. 

Barteos Australia is committed to continuously strengthen its policies and procedures to ensure the highest standards of compliance; and this will remain as one of our top priorities.

The Barteos Global fintech company has made user-identification a hallmark of our platform, with the world’s first ownerless, government-compliant-ready blockchain, that is suitable for use by every country, irrespective of the law requirements of that Jurisdiction. 

Barteos Global aims to showcase our pilot in Australia to the world as soon as we are capable of building a good number of business members to join the Australian Barteos “Fee-Free Barter Community”, with our current momentum, some time soon.

We are also in the process of establishing a better entity-to-account verification systems for aud-exchange within our Australian Country Wallet using a dedicated Australian Compliance Server and an established financial institution partner. Australia may  become a blueprint for every other Barteos country worldwide and scheduled for release just before Barteos “BTE” lists on open exchanges.

Our best efforts will be put forward in July 2024 to establish a commercial-grade, ownerless-style Rewards and trading Platform for use on mass by all the Australian People, that will translate into great savings for Australian consumers, whilst boosting economic activity and sales in Australia. Users will notice superior platform performance coupled with reliability and other necessary commercial-grade features, that are exclusive to the Barteos Decentralised Platform.

Barteos is a clear result of our collective community-benefit mindset and our compliance policies to deploy decentralised ledger technology for the good of the Australian People and Australia generally.

We invite you to join us in our Quest – the Ownerless, Decentralised Way – making Satoshi’s Vision and the historical invention dubbed as the “Internet of Money” – a commercial reality. 

The Board

Barteos Australia

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