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“Create and own part of history”

Satoshi Nakamoto contributed to the global community with one of the greatest inventions of all time, “The Blockchain”, and the phenomenon that has been dubbed as “The internet of Money.” Through this invention, Satoshi had a great Vision of establishing an Ownerless, De-Centralised Digital Cash System, giving financial power back to the People. 

to be the next Bitcoin 2.0

Whilst Bitcoin and altcoins have grown in value over the last decade more than gold, stocks, property etc, it is still only 1% of the money markets as it cannot be a mass scalable Digital Cash System for use by everyone. 

“The most cryptocurrency
for the People”

 Barteos can go after the 99% market and has built on the open community’s contribution to Blockchain over the last decade. We have taken on Satoshi’s vision and created an upgraded super-charged system that can fulfil the original inventor’s vision with a professional licensed salesforce. 

What's in it for you?

The Barteos Quest is to ensure that our financial records, our precious data, is not exploited by corporate owners like Facebook or other large corporates, or people in power that want to control the new cashless society, emerging upon us. 

You will be working for yourself in a De-Centralised and Autonomous Community (DAC).

Working as one team, Barteos has the VISION, the business formula and the right technology, to become the most useable, ownerless fee-free barter community in this decade. 

BARTEOS is People-Driven and is recruiting an Australian Sales Force that can penetrate local business markets and social networks. 

Who are we recruiting?

Sales Professionals

No Financial Barrier to entry. The potential to earn in excess of $100K OTE with Optional Vested Barteos Coins that makes Superannuation sound minuscule.

Master Sales Coaches

Earn three times as much in earning potential of Sales Professionals and unmatched wealth prospects in a leveraged way.

Salespeople are hired for their entrepreneurial spirit, their commercial business acumen and their compassion towards business owners.

As the organisation shifts towards mobilising a Global Sales Force, our Barteos Regional Business Developers are required to onboard merchants and spot opportunities to assist small business with their digital solutions to attract more clients for their business.

The Barteos culture & experience, is to help Business owners grow their business profits, whilst securing their money. 


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