30/06/2022 Barteos
While barter has been around thousands of years, modern barter is over six decades young and has become a method where the participants do not have to exchange goods and services directly, but instead trade by using a digital currency pegged to a country currency for stability, which is accepted by members of the trade community as an alternative means of exchange. We all know that cryptocurrency is too volatile for the trading of goods and services on an everyday basis, so we have the King of Barter – Barteos!

There are many benefits of the barter system including:
– access to new customers at no cost
– extra sales that also get you better pricing from suppliers
– part trade can increase cash flow in country currency sales
– reduced cash expenses
– fill idle capacity in a business & move expiring stock
– additional profits and creation of wealth

These benefits can help your business survive and thrive during hard economic times all whilst using the Barteos Barter system that is for the first time in its 60-year history – FEE FREE.

The Pandemic has been a tough time for many, where cash is still tight, and business remains uncertain. Barter is all about keeping as much cash in your business as possible.
By using your Barteos Trade Dollars to exchange Goods and Services with others, you will have reduced cash expenses and a new stream of income from the Barteos community.
The Barteos Trade Exchange can help your business reach potential customers you would never reach alone and at no cost to you. Therefore, joining Barteos would be a massive competitive advantage.
Cash may be king, but Barteos Barter is certainly a smart way to compliment your sales and cashflow and whilst being decentralised and ownerless it also guards your financial privacy as an alternative to using legacy barter companies that are privately owned and charge exorbitant fees!

It’s a new era for the trade of assets, goods and services starting in Australia and moving to benefit other communities globally. With predicted hard economic times ahead Bartering is back and allows you to hedge your money both ways.
Joining the Barteos community as a Be-Club Member is free and a smart decision that also gets you $1750 worth of Digital currency as a starter pack, giving you the opportunity to grow your business and help profits soar.

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