About Barteos

Barteos is a global community driven initiative to fulfil a Vision that started in 2009 with Satoshi Nakamoto of establishing a Decentralised Ledger Technology that is Ownerless, Borderless and operates a secure Global Digital Cash System.

“Its a New Dawn for Australian Payment Systems”

Barteos will have real world usage

In this decade, the value of digital currency will be defined by their real-world usage. Barteos, having the world’s first ownerless, commercial-grade payment system, is suitable for the exchange of goods and services. We are also establishing a leading Sales Force to onboard the business community, uniting buyers and sellers.

Barteos and its foundation members are on a mission to overcome the limitations currently found in Decentralised currency and to create an inexpensive Payment System that’s easy to use and allows for quick transactions for mass adoption.

"Big Tech takes our Data for Profit. It's time to Push Back"

Our autonomous technology is considered as a “commons” software system and has been dubbed as the Internet of Money 2.0.

Our software allows us to keep our data private yet comply with our Governing Jurisdiction for financial crimes.

Join our Quest for Financial Freedom!

Barteos is on a mission to establish a universal payments platform that can not only unite the millions of cryptocurrency users, with the millions of merchants already trading in Barter exchanges but can replace the costly centrally controlled payment systems forever.

Barteos has the ability to trade goods and services without the high financial charges that we are forced to pay using visa, mastercard, paypal and other centralised payment systems with the added benefit of ensuring that our precious financial data will be protected and will never be used to commercially or politically exploit us in any way. Please read our Creed.


 ‘The Most Usable Cryptocurrency for the People’

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