Advanced, Next Generation Blockchain Technology


BARTEOS employs Industrial Grade, Super-Fast Blockchain Technology that can rival and surpass VISA and Mastercard combined without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, exclusive to Barteos is the world’s first ownerless, Government-Compliant-Ready Blockchain, that is suitable for use by every country, irrespective of the law requirements of that Jurisdiction, whilst ensuring to keep your precious finacial records safe against any commercial or power exploitations over you. 

The future is here … live and working right now in Australia!

Ability to switch States, with our Dual-State Technology

Ability to scale up to 100,000 transactions/sec with the right hardware

Direct Peer-to-Peer, near instant Authourisation speeds on the Blockchain with no third parties

Government Compliant Ready Blockchain to connect to any Jurisdiction.

Strong Security Against Theft and Reliability

Rewards People that Develop, Promote and Use the System​

Building Artificial Intelligence to replace Human Governance

Safe & Smarter Software Contract Capability


BARTEOS is a fourth generation Tier 1 Blockchain. Fourth Generation means making a third generation blockchain that scales and turing it into a Commercial-Grade Platform to be used by the People.

BARTEOS is leveraging the best of technologies, business and financial models, to uniquely create a Global & Stable Country Digital Currency that can trade in a “stable commercial use state” and in a “financial markets state” like Bitcoin and even Fiat currency that trades in forex markets.  

BARTEOS overcomes the volatility challenge as the Stable State switches from open market volatility for stable-state trading of Assets, Goods and Services, promoting a Digital Cash system in the coming cashless society. 

 BARTEOS is a De-centralised Autonomous System (DAS) using a Delegated Proof of Authority (DPoA) consensus model that is a more secure and reliable system than using Pow, PoS or DPoS. 

Barteos is Economical, Ownerless, De-centralised, Reliable, Safe, Scalable and Fast. BARTEOS has all the required 15 Commercial-Grade attributes listed in the Whitepaper, needed to rival real-world Banking and Payment Systems. 

The Blueprint of BARTEOS was created with a mindset of anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and anti-theft systems to be built into the BARTEOS code, in compliance with the Australian country jurisdictions. 

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