At BARTEOS, we promote responsible business practices at every level of the organisation and expect the same from our employees, contractors, agents and everyone with whom we do business. We strive to conduct business ethically, honestly and in accordance with the law.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is governed by policies and programs that include, but are not limited to, anti-bribery and corruption, sustainability, human rights and workplace safety.

To find out more about the components of our corporate responsibility, please read below.

BARTEOS has a zero tolerance approach to bribery and any other form of corruption. We are committed to acting professionally and fairly in all our business dealings and relationships. The Barteos Blueprint was created with a mindset of anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and anti-theft and anti-corruption systems to be built into the Barteos code. We uphold all laws countering bribery and corruption wherever we operate.

BARTEOS directors, advisors, employees or business partners must never promise, offer, give, authorise, request, agree to receive or receive, directly or indirectly, a bribe to or from anyone. We expect everyone to place as much value on ethics and integrity as we do. Refer to the Barteos Creed for more information about our approach to Anti-Corruption. 

BARTEOS seeks to continuously improve business processes to control and reduce the impact associated with its targeted environmental aspects of energy, waste, materials and natural resources and transportation. 

BARTEOS is proud of our reputation as a fair, honest and ethical company. Our reputation has been built by employees who understand the value we place on these qualities, and we continue to build that reputation each day. Everyone is entitled to full equality. 

We know that business is based on people working and connecting with people. We are proud of the respectful, honest way we connect with everyone we encounter. 

BARTEOS believes in the protection of human rights, and that all individuals should be treated fairly, and with dignity and respect. We are committed to integrating respect for human rights into our practice wherever we do busines. Refer to our Barteos Creed for more information about our Human Rights approach.

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