Do we have Financial Sovereign Rights?

15/02/2022 Barteos

Be Pay Australia Limited (Be-Pay) is a non-profit, community benefit organisation that has been set up to protect the rights and freedoms of Barteos members from Centralised Corporate and Government authorities. Barteos operates as part of a global autonomous and ownerless, de-centralised financial system.

Barteos is a new financial system helping you secure your financial sovereignty, financial security and freedom, justice and peace in our nation and in the world. When you are financially sovereign, you have complete control, power and authority over your money.

Personal sovereignty has become such an important aspect in our society right through the Pandemic because authorities have interfered even with the right over our own bodies. This has caused major mistrust, thus the global protests and uprising

Barteos is on a mission to empower the individual over their own money, financial assets and transactions they make and collectively proclaim a new era of personal financial freedom and human rights to all People – Thanks to the Greatest Invention since the Internet itself.

Don’t let the centralised profit-power driven systems control your money any longer … a new era of financial freedom has arrived with Barteos and we are in a race to freedom. Private and scalable, Barteos allows you to become your own bank and you can enjoy financial security of a new Digital Gold that will restore power of your financial assets back to you.

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