15/02/2022 Barteos
Do you want to private companies with a few shareholders keeping your fiat currency, whilst also having unlimited free access to your precious personal financial Data?
We believe that no private, profit-driven business should own our precious personal data collected in the guise of compliance like 99% of cryptocurrency that are private company owned.
As a de-centralised, ownerless system, your data remains as your Digital Gold – Always Private. You will have full control of your finances and data, whilst being more secure than banks, thanks to the invention of the blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto. You become your own Bank!
Barteos has private transactions like banks to ensure that our personal financial data is kept private and safe, from your neighbours, government and private companies. With Barteos, your finances are more secure from a GFC that results in Bank Bailouts.
Find out more information about the Barteos technology here: https://barteos.org.au/about/technology/ 

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