16/12/2022 Barteos

The highest priority around the world, the most urgent issues, are centred around fundamental changes to our structural, educational and economic infrastructure.

As we all know, everything from the Global Financial Crisis to Global warming tells us that we need a fundamental structural and economic change in society.

What we have seen worldwide, is that there is a trend towards a split between the government and the interest of the people and that governments are pursuing an economic model that is simply outdated, and possibly corrupt with influence from the financial elite that pushes their agenda of Globalisation.

Globalisation is a model for the financial elite that says: more trade, more production for export, more cost cutting, more foreign labour, more venture capital with more profit for greedy shareholders and more foreign investment to mention a few. That’s their formula for creating prosperity for themselves – not the People.

This formula is a Master-Slave model that is not working great for the People.

And from our point of view, the change that we need to make is shifting away from Globalisation or Nationalisation to “Localisation with Decentralisation” of our economic activity.

Localisation is about bringing economics and well-being back to a personal scale of sustainability and self-sovereignty. It is the process of building economic structures that allow the goods and services of a regional territory to become independent and self-sustaining to its community.

It has been said by many that Localisation is the greatest solution that offers a systemic, far-reaching alternative to corporate capitalism, as well as communism. However, it is not about centralised authority hijacking this concept and restricting and disempowering the local community and infringing on our human rights.

Localisation is a way of dramatically reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption and all kinds of waste, whilst increasing our first and foremost, fundamental human right, being the “Pursuit of Happiness” without centralised control, greed and obstruction.

At the same time, localising economic activity can restore biodiversity as well as cultural diversity. It’s a way of raising the value of property and business locally, whilst creating meaningful and secure jobs for the entire community and perhaps the most important of all is about rebuilding the fabric of societal connection, the fabric of social bonding between people and between people and their local economic and territorial environment.

Localisation can be the smart economics of happiness for our 21st century. At Barteos, we have had our eyes open to Localisation, and how we as the world’s first commercial-grade, decentralised, Peer-to-Peer Payments Platform can assist a regional community to make local economics a thriving reality.

We have seen the connection between the economy out there and our well-being and inner happiness when the last Global Financial Crisis threw us into a situation whereby small towns converted to a Bartering system to bypass the collapse, threat and uncertainty that the centralised financial system had forced upon us.

Barter companies sprouted up around the world with a resurgence, to by-pass the risky centralised financial rails and the Bail-in laws that were experienced when private financial companies practically stole money from our accounts to bail themselves out of bankruptcy, like the experience in Cyprus and Greece etc.

Small country Towns are generally self-sustaining and when push comes to shove they have shown that they can operate independently and can survive a Global Financial Crisis better than any city or country or the world generally.

So, we at Barteos are very motivated to try to bring this Localisation message out to the world by providing and deploying a fee-free, peer-to-peer, localised Barter Trading Exchange system that allows a local community to thrive whilst protecting our fundamental human rights.

It’s time to join the Decentralised-Localised Movement and Barteos will be speaking a lot more about it, inviting technologists, economists, environmentalists, anthropologists, and people from every continent who are basically promoting change to a better system of living and the freedom to control our own pursuit of happiness.

The most powerful and the most inspiring and heartening part of the localisation movement is to decentralise our economic “means of exchange”. It’s all about educating and innovating to entice but not-force People to trade locally, ensuring that we also secure our financial human rights.

Get ready to rock the Globalists as Barteos unveils in 2023 further technological innovation that will change the way we trade and do business with localisation and decentralisation being the theme for a thriving and happy local community that will lead to a better world.

Let’s use innovative autonomous technology to bring the “Power of the People” to rule as a true democracy, rather than skewing power to the few!

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