19/04/2022 Barteos

Decentralised technology started as “public domain” or “commons” and is synonymous with “ownerless”. Yet, today 99% of our industry is operated by private shareholder driven companies issuing currency. This breaks the whole mould and meaning of “Decentralised” and reduces it to become the very thing it is not – centralised.

We have entered a new era of useable Decentralised cryptocurrency that is commercial-grade, yet most of the cryptocurrency industry has been founded in the last decade on financial trading markets being built with the speculation of a notional promise “that one day, it will be used by the people” commercially. This is simply not going to happen for the top 100 cryptocurrencies as they neither have the technology or deployment capability to replace centralised systems like visa mastercard alipay wepay etc

The truth is that ownerless models like Bitcoin, Ethereum or their modern regulated version, “Barteos” are difficult for people to distinguish between these few “Public Benefit” technology cryptocurrencies that are “non-human tech entities” over the centralised “human tech entities” that benefit the few.

Barteos believes that true Decentralised Autonomous Systems will only survive if they are regulated and need to be given a special status by the United Nations which, like the internet, can be called “public domain” or “commons”, as long as it is governed by an independent non-profit in each country with no shareholders, yet can be a federated group of governing bodies acting as one globally. This is Barteos, this is Bitcoin 2.0

Furthermore, this would mean that we can clearly define, that public users, have the option to use such a public and unrestricted “system” or “utility” and will never be liable for the losses of others, as millions of People on a global scale surpassing boundaries of national jurisdiction have now become dependant on this new Decentralised technology system for the services it provides – and for the “proof of” and “access to” their individual digital assets.

By reading the “Barteos Creed” found at you can discover the mindset of the modern-day Decentralist model and join the Barteos Quest for our financial human rights.

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